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4. Projektpartner találkozó Budapesten

A negyedik projektpartner találkozó május 29-én és 30-án, Budapesten az ÉVOSZ Titkárság épületében volt megtartva. A találkozó keretében az új projektpartnerünket, azaz a BKSZC Valló Péter főigazgató által vezetett delegációjának tagjait a projektet koordináló CCIS CCBMIS nevében Valentina Kuzma és Jože Renar mutatták be ... [tovább]

During the meeting, Barbara Kunčič Krapež and Nina Dormiš (IRSVET) presented the final report of our Working Package 2 (findings of skills gaps and production of supporting learning material - videos and pictures), which is the first big output of our project. The project consortium also had a look into working package 3, which contains the learning units and learning material for students and employees - the basis for the practical part of the SKILLCO project.

Besides this, the WHKT presented a first draft version of our app. Pilot testing of the app will start approximately in October this year, while its finalization and publication will be in August 2019.

As a highlight, the KESZ Holding company, which is a big player in the Hungarian construction sector, was introduced by representatives of its public relations. The SKILLCO consortium and KESZ Holding promised to work together in the field of testing and implementing our outputs into the companies' vocational education programme.