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SKILLCO Outputs and training materials

SKILLCO project developed outputs and training materials

Working package #1 - administration & management

SSA founding document (OUT 1.7) - to be developed

Working package #2 - defining skill gaps & training needs:

Working package #3 - learning unit A & traning course B

Learning unit/B-Training course and outcomes (OUT 3.1) - to be developed

Learning and training materials for 2 Modules (OUT 3.2) - to be developed

Working package #4 - piloting

Pilot testing for construction workers/employees - report (OUT 4.1) - to be developed

Pilot testing for school trainees/pupils involved in 4th EQF level VET - report (OUT 4.2) - to be developed

Currently we're collecting preliminary interest for pilot testing for employees and pupils. For more information please contact

Working package #5 - development of mobile app & website

Application for iOS and Android (OUT 5.4) - to be developed

The OUT numbering is not ordered in this list because not all project outputs are of public type.