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SkillCo in Germany, Hungary and Slovenia - Pilot tests in the competence fields green skills, calculation, planning and occupational health and safety successfully carried out

With over 700 participants in all three countries together, the pilot phase of the SkillCo project has been successfully completed. The trials started in October 2018 at various vocational training centres and training centres in the construction industry in Hungary, Slovenia and Germany and also included the introduction of a digital app in the four fields of competence.

In addition to the main results, the following points can be summarised from Germany, which the participants mentioned for further training in the fields of competence:

Desire for EQF-level comprehensive content concerning all qualification level 1-3 and 5-6

Green Skills: Promote energy-efficient building refurbishment

Calculation / Planning: Promote qualification in automation and robotics in the construction industry through training

Occupational health and safety: BIM in preventive occupational health and safety can also be used in vocational training

The pilots were led by the Vocational Training Centre in Kerpen (ABZ Kerpen) - in cooperation with WHKT, which developed the digital SkillgAPP.

The project results are freely available on the Internet and are aimed in particular at trainees, skilled workers, vocational training teachers and entrepreneurs.

To present the project results and the SkillgApp application "train the trainers", events will take place in all three partner countries in November 2019. The results of the SKILLCO project will be presented to the public at the final project conference on 11 December 2019 in Ljubljana.